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Evan Gillespie

I’m Evan Gillespie.

I’m an adventurer in this complex world surrounded by all things digital.

After 4 years spent studying business, marketing and new media design I have gained a passion for exploring the ways brands establish their online presence and how their demographics interact with content. I find it fascinating how digital content and branding can influence an audience through memorable and meaningful interactions and user experiences. I have worked on a wide range of projects and have expertise in graphic and web design, communications, content creation and digital marketing including SEO, SEM, EDM and SMM. Along with these skills I have established solid front-end development abilities and pride myself in understanding the translation between design concepts into interactive, functional elements with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery.

Oh, and I love creating visually engaging content.

Whether it’s photography, creating aesthetic composites, retouching photos, creative copywriting or video, I believe these forms of online content are king right now and I will always jump at the chance to use this hobby and skill of mine to get out, explore and create.

Things I enjoy most.

Photography / Exploring new cultures / Coffee. Traveling and photography go hand-in-hand for me, being able to capture places and moments in time and be able to relive them is amazing and so much fun. After a day of shooting I’m so excited to throw my selects into Lightroom and make them pop. See below for some of my favorite shots from nowhere in particular.