Role: Social Media Marketer

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Goal: To plan, create and launch a social media presence for fictional online blog

Baked Vancouver is part food blog, part virtual recipe box, part clever excuse to scope out every new donut shop in town. We love anything baked and wanted a way to share our discoveries of recipes, bakeries, pastries and basically anything that has to do with sugar in Greater Vancouver. We decided to create a food blog on a bright and cheery website to share with everyone with a serious love of baked goods.


Our target audience is 18- to 35-year-olds living in the Lower Mainland. The content is targeted towards an audience that are interested in baking, discovering facts about food, and finding out where to get the best baked goods. They spend time in Vancouver either for work or social purposes and regard food as an experience.

The content we shared was intended to inspire our target audience to get out and explore the many bakery’s and spots that have some unknown treats and treasures they may not already be familiar with, as well as educate them (more the home bakers) to try some unique recipes simplified by us. Our main value proposition was to be unique from other baking blogs that our audience may already follow. The recipes aimed to be different, the articles were not trending on big sites, and our overall approach was to create posts that we hadn’t seen in our own feeds. The end goal was to bring baking lovers easily digestible content that would hopefully lead them to follow us enough to check out our blog posts.

Click computer icon to view the live site.


The project was completed in a four-person team. One team responsible for development of site, another in charge of writing some blog posts and all the branding and graphics, and the other as a project manager with responsibility of strategy and deployment as well as helping create content for daily and weekly posts. I was responsible for strategizing types of content and managing our content calendar and daily created and curated posts as well as engaging with our community.

Content Calendar

Because we wanted to try and focus on local eats, we searched and engaged with local bakeries/shops to help share some of their original content and sought out what we believed to be super helpful articles from recognized bloggers or magazines/publications and shows to share with our followers. We also followed trends and tried to base weeks/weekends off current events or themes, which helped generate and narrow down ideas for specific posts.

  • 1 long form blog post each week
  • 4 Instagram posts / week – 2-3 created and 1 curated
  • 8 twitter posts / week – 4-5 created and 3 curated
  • 2 facebook posts / week – 1 created (link to blog) and 1 curated

The full calendar can be viewed here

baked vancouver calendar


In total we produced 7 blog posts which were comprised of custom recipes, a top 4 list written by me and insights on deals around the city. As mentioned we pushed our blog posts every Friday and promoted it on each channel throughout the day posting at high volume times each platform based on third-party analysis.


We were only able to grab insights from Instagram but was acceptable as this was our primary focus platform and in the future decided we would drop Facebook. At the end of the project we noticed the themed Instagram posts and event based posts generated the most interaction and impressions due to the buzz around those times and hashtags being searched.

baked vancouver analytics
baked vancouver analytics
baked vancouver analytics


Moving forward, we would focus on Instagram and Twitter, try and leverage popular hashtags in the food blogging community. As with all successful social media focused businesses the team would need to be expanded to full time roles to create an plan content to remain competitive. You can view our social channels by clicking on the icon links below.