Role: Director, Videographer

Softwares: Premiere Pro

Goal: Create short film/long-form commercial piece for the Volkswagen GTI.


My friend had just bought a new Volkswagen GTI and I knew creating a promotional piece would be a great way of challenging my storytelling abilities and also flex my marketing concept muscles. 

I started with a storyboard and shot list of how I wanted the film to play out. I used my friend as the main subject and tried to use the narrative to envoke a feeling to the viewer of how owning and driving the car will make you feel. Happiness, freedom, energy. The narrative was taken from a speech by famous philosopher Alan Watts that I was inspired to use from a Volvo commercial i saw a few years back. I felt the message at the end sequence matched perfectly with the story. 

Editing & Sound Design

I started by organizing my footage and following my workflow of bringing all files into project with ordered folders by day and location, audio & sound effects organized and sifting through that footage to get my selects. Once I had that footage, I brought it into a new sequence where I organized it with the cuts in the music. After all the timing and flow of story felt appropriate, I layered many effects to bring the video to life. I found the fact that our brains process sound before video amazing and it made a huge difference in my approach. 


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