Role: Graphic Designer

Softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator

Goal: Create logo / brand identity. Create product placement and advertisement features as well to showcase brand in appropriate settings.

Core nutrition is a plant-based health and wellness company looking to disrupt the workout supplements industry. Core started with the simple belief that we can become the best version of ourselves while still being mindful of others. This translates through everything they do, from careful selection of plant based ingredients to a commitment that with every product purchased they will give a meal to someone in need.

My design concept was to emphasize their uniqueness and not be too trendy. Because their vision is to bring products that will better each person and impact the world as a whole, I wanted to keep the design in the brainstorming phase fresh and minimal using negative space if possible. 

core nutrition logo



My initial thumbnails were originally just to have a wordmark but realized a logo for a product like this would be more effective. With that I started drawing things that came to my mind when thinking healthy, organic, plant-based etc. I also really wanted to include a silhouette of a person as a symbol to show the benefit in purchasing from them. After bringing a leaf design into photoshop I used different mask techniques and gradient overlays to reach my final design. 

For the wordmark I cut up the letters because I wanted to try to make the O look like a core and really liked the flow and curvature the separation gave the serif typeface.

core nutrition thumbnails


Although I didn’t aim to be trendy I found that a consistency in the industry used greens because the color symbolizes organicness and freshness. Accent colors and shades like an off-white were used that I felt were earthy and worked well with the green tones in the logo. The wordmark core was supposed to give a thought of the earths core but also peoples core and soul, I used a desaturated brown for this. Additionally, the images I grabbed help paint a picture for the identity and the packaging design further down.

core nutrition stylescape


Using my skills in Photoshop, I utilized different blend modes and transform warp effects to achieve the logo package. Core wants to be different so I designed a bag that is meant to be from recycled platics and not the traditional branding you would find on other competitors products. It also matches their vision for connecting people with the world, each type of protein would incorporate a different landscape image. 

core nutrition t shirt