Role: Motion Graphics Artist

Softwares: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator

Goal: Create a quick logo animation for an intro/outro on my videos for youtube.

I probably spend way too much time on YouTube and as a result, always wondered how YouTubers had such cool logo intros or outros to their videos. This challenged me to want to create a logo outro for myself. The goal was to achieve a 2D short intro made completely in After Effects as that is the style I was after.


Having created a logo already and a visual identity that only uses black and white as my color scheme, the planning process was easy for this project. I found some helpful tutorials online and combined a few to help achieve my final project. I learned proper labeling and composition organization practices during my courses at BCIT that have really helped me develop an efficient workflow. I finished my animation with a glitch effect that I though tied the video together and made the conclusion.