Role: Graphic Designer

Softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator

Goal: Create logo / brand design. Create product placement and advertisement features as well to showcase brand in appropriate settings.

Wild House is a fictitious boutique digital agency based in Vancouver, BC. The company is a small team comprised of young, tech-savvy creatives who know what it takes to make brands stand out and leave a deep impact on their audiences in the modern era. Wild House offers a wide range of services from web/app design & development, UX/UI, branding, digital marketing and video production.

The approach was to modernize their brand and because their demographic is innovative companies that push boundaries, I wanted to give Wild House an identity that shows confidence and trust but also suits a consultancy team showing visually how their brand may be viewed using product placement tactics.

wildhouse logo
wildhouse wordmark



With the goal of keeping the brand modern and professional, I decided to keep the logo simplistic but include the WH initials inside a house shape as it plays with the brand name and is non-distracting. For the wordmark, again being simple and modern I chose Arial Black as it is striking and was easiest to use when cutting up the text in an off angle horizontal line and adjusting the text to give it a “glitch” effect that I thought portrayed the feeling of edgy and being unsimilar.


I created a moodboard to help form an idea of the feel and vision of the brand. Black, white and a soft mint I felt was an effective color scheme to portray fresh (in their approach to ideas), high quality (in their work) and minimalism to be non-distractive and professional.


I chose to showcase this new identity on relevant pieces that would signify a real world application.

Using Photoshop, I played with blending modes and perspective tools as well as effects to display the logo and word mark on outdoor office signage, agency t-shirts, a style guide and business cards.

wildhouse signage
widhouse shirts
wild house style guide
wild house business card