Role: Director, Videographer

Softwares: Premiere Pro, After Effects

Goal: Create short promotional piece announcing new collection coming soon for clothing brand.

Zanerobe is an Australian mens streetwear brand that has taken off globally. They produce high quality mens outerwear and accessories with majority of their demographic being male individuals aged 17-35. I set out a goal to shoot and edit a one minute video they can promote all over their social media channels to hype up their new upcoming collection. 


I had a lot of fun filming this video. My friend had an entire wardrobe of Zanerobe clothing so the creative process also included him and I picking out different fits that we thought worked well together. Zanerobe also has a specific aesthetic, they sell their clothes with high-end retailers and tend to curate their promotional material to a trendy, hipster audience. Because of this I wanted to seek out a location for the shoot that was different, that was going to allow us to be alone and away from the public. We scouted out Fort Langley and found an overpass with train tracks below. 


I envisioned the video to take place in this one location to focus on the model and clothing. I see a lot of videos for clothing brands that are engaging but don’t really focus on the actual product. I relied on a music track that had cinematic cuts and beat to help flow the video. 

editing sequence for zanerobe


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